Grandson, Jonny Garrett, founded the watchmaking brand as a tribute to not only his grandfather , but all firefighters – past or present – described as ‘everyday heroes’.

Based in London since 2016, the brand’s success fuelled the support of firefighting charities through ongoing sales-percent donations, and fundraising events. And crucially – the drive to ensure British heritage isn’t left to waste, but rather remains at the heart of all William Wood designs. Their most notable fundraising event was their 9/11 watch auction held in September 2021 that raised 14,000/$19,000 to commemorate 20 years since 9/11. The auction watch was a custom-made Model 1 from their latest Chronograph range, the Triumph Collection. All proceeds were donated to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, the largest 9/11 dedicated charity in the US.

In keeping with the brand’s ethos, William Wood Watches has a vision of converting a concluded British Fire Station into their HQ, showroom and flagship store. Here, customers will have the option to call upon staff members by ringing a salvaged fir e engine bell, and have designs brought to them via a traditional firefighter’s pole.
Current collections available to view include “Triumph”, “Valiant”, “Bronze”, “Fearless” and “Chivalrous” designs with the addition of firefighter-inspired antique brass cufflinks, travel roll and a fire-alarm inspired showbox.

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