Legends and myths abound but we can only wonder and marvel at the design genius of a mind which came up with the “Watermel0n”, a stylish bicompax chronograph so reminiscent of the 1940’s but with a colour palette inspired by the vibrant pink and green hues of a giant summer fruit. Not many people would deviate so far from the traditional, but the variegated greens and muted pink hues chosen so cleverly in this design are still unmistakably 'watermelon' yet subtle and sophisticated. The classic chronograph design, with contrasting colours in the subdials, evokes the charms of a bygone era; yet the sheer sense of fun and playfulness ensure these designs are uniquely modern.
In addition to 'Watermel0n', Richard designed 'Desert Sky', a sandy tan and sky-blue combination which instantly turns the mind to thoughts of far-flung shores but was, in fact, inspired by a pair of sneakers.

Then came the 'Go0fy Panda'.

Perhaps the most conservative of the collection with a cream textured background perfectly complementing the matt black and the green tipped chronograph hands, representing the young bamboo shoots, add the final touches to this modern take on the traditional.

Additional designs include the charming edible colour way of the 'Mint Ch0c Chip' and, in partnership with Fratello, the limited edition and heartwarming 'Aubergine', a concept creation project with all profits being donated to Cancer Research UK.

In the back of each watch is the affordable yet robust Seagull ST-1901, a Chinese chronograph movement with an excellent reputation that can only be wound by hand.
This enables the thickness of the steel case to be kept down to a mere 10.8mm. Add on the sapphire crystal glass and the thickness is brought up to 13.6mm. All up, a classy and modern timepiece at a very favourable price point.

All of the Studio Underd0g models are fully assembled in the UK and Richard has partnered with a number of British independents such as The Strap Tailor, to make his own contribution to British watch sector growth.

It’s been an incredibly popular series of watches, with both of the first two generations selling out in record speed.

Will there be more generations of fruit and vegetable inspired innovations to come? We certainly hope so. With players like Studio Underd0g, the outlook for British watchmaking is very sunny indeed.

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