Founded in Clerkenwell, London in 1946 Accurist has been British owned ever since. From “Old England” in the swinging 60’s to the first Concorde flight & sponsoring the Speaking Clock. Accurist always punches above its weight, putting premium quality watches on the wrists of a nation. Visit the site Visit site


ADLEY Watch Co. is an independent creative wristwatch company based in Surrey, England. Our design ethos aims to evoke the passion for cycling with the dial design that finds inspiration in a British hand-built cycle. Visit the site Visit site


In Geneva, early January 2018, a small group of watch lovers from different areas of the industry came together to answer one simple question: “What defines a good watch?” As seasoned professionals, they each had their own views but agreed on one thing: that a good watch is honest, offers great quality, and comes at a reasonable price. The idea for Aera was born. Visit the site Visit site


Alkin is an independent watch company based in Bristol, UK. The brand was founded on an ambition to create high quality, accessibly priced mechanical watches that are designed with simplicity, functionality and longevity firmly in mind. Visit the site Visit site


After lying dormant for four decades, Alsta is again alive and kicking with a growing portfolio of timepieces. Alsta has a passion for design and craftsmanship and was brought back to life to bring romance back to wristwatches. Visit the site Visit site


Anthony Gray Clocks specialise in the making of complex replicas of fine clocks and bespoke commissions for clients from all parts of the world. Visit the site Visit site


Built around Additive Manufacturing, an advanced engineering technology used to fabricate their titanium cases. Apiar is striving to be a British watch company in the truest sense, if possible to make here, they do so. Visit the site Visit site


Delivering practical and precise tool watches designed to endure the everyday adventure. Arken Watch Company is breaking new ground in the affordable microbrand space having launched its 2021 debut model, designed in Britain. Visit the site Visit site


As the world’s oldest diamond company (est. 1789), Backes & Strauss has created exceptional jewellery in Britain since 1800. In 2006 they entered the luxury diamond watch market, combining mastery in diamond-cutting with mastery in watchmaking and inspired by the architectural elegance of 19th century London. Visit the site Visit site


Bamford London proudly presents a fantastic range of watches and meticulously crafted, top class accessories that have been designed to
complement your lifestyle and re-define luxury as a truly personal statement.
Visit the site Visit site


Beaucroft creates classic mechanical watches with a fresh modern flair, that capture the vibes of Cambridge, the city where the brand began. Beaucroft watches are understated yet playful, with bold colours and striking design details, fully hand assembled in Great Britain. Visit the site Visit site

Ben Rousseau

Ben Rousseau is a multi-disciplined designer and award winning lighting artist with an ambition to change our experience with time. Tempus Collection. Time Redesigned. Visit the site Visit site


BŌKEN [noun: adventure] The modern-day, titanium, adventure timepiece with a social cause. BŌKEN is a British-designed, Swiss Made, Japanese-named watch company founded to empower adventurers, thrill-seekers, and lovers of luxury with a watch that embodies the perfect fusion of performance, style, and elegance. Visit the site Visit site


Founded in 2002, Bremont is motivated by a relentless determination to create the world’s most capable tool watches. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Bremont watches embody the unwavering spirit of the great British pioneers who dared to explore the unknown. Visit the site Visit site

Brooklands Watch Company

Brooklands Watch Company is a British luxury watch brand. Inspired by the birthplace of motorsport and aviation, their limited-edition luxury Triple-Four Chronograph is designed by Sir Terence Conran. Founder Simon Jeffs describes it as "a piece of art with purpose". Visit the site Visit site


Founded in 2019, BVOR Watches emerges from a distinctive story involving three school friends from Aldenham School during their A-Levels. Our commitment is to create uniquely crafted watches that seamlessly accompany... Visit the site Visit site


Founded by the Anglo-Swiss duo Jerome Robert and Anneke Short, The Camden Watch Company is not only designed in Camden, but inspired by Camden… by its rich industrial past and its vibrant, dynamic present. Visit the site Visit site


Steve Carrington and Robert Smith take design inspiration from historic achievements in aviation, motorsport and space. They source as many components as possible from UK, and seek to use and help UK craftspeople. Their watches are hand assembled in Wiltshire. Visit the site Visit site


Cestrian Watches was born out of a belief that over the last few decades, quality has become synonymous with luxury and high prices, leaving entry-level watch enthusiasts behind. We decided it was time to challenge this! Our mission is to deliver the best quality and value automatic watches, hence our strap-line ‘Time for the People’. Visit the site Visit site


Discovering they could access the same components and superb manufacturing as many of the Swiss big boys, three friends decided they would launch the world’s first online only luxury watch brand with a simple aim, “to put premium watches within the reach of everyone.” Visit the site Visit site


Based in Edinburgh, Clemence pours a lifetime of fascination into creating their vision of quintessential tool watches. The boutique brand assembles each watch by hand in Britain, ensuring every piece is assembled and tested to endure all of life’s adventures. Visit the site Visit site


With a history of over 150 years, Comitti is run by its fifth generation family, which remains true to the founding principles of its founder, Onorato Comitti and continues to maintain the company’s international reputation for luxury timepieces in the finest traditions of English clock making. Visit the site Visit site


The Cumbria Clock Company was established in 1990 and specialises in the restoration of some of the most prestigious clocks in the United Kingdom, including the clocks in Salisbury Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace and the Westminster Clock… better known as Big Ben. Visit the site Visit site


Drayton Watches from Bristol was created in 2019 by Dan Parsons in honour of his late Grandfather. Drayton's brand ethos is based on trust, respect and having real pride in the work they do, with customer service and quality control at the forefront of everything. Each timepiece is made to order and lovingly hand-finished by Dan in Bristol. Visit the site Visit site


Duckworth Prestex is a new name with historic origins. Founder Neil Duckworth is the grandson of Frank Duckworth, who started making Prestex watches in the 1920s. Neil has revived the family firm, creating high-quality watches that are true to the spirit and design of the much-loved originals. Visit the site Visit site

Edward Christopher

Edward Christopher designs beautifully distinctive luxury watches with Swiss mechanical movements in strong colours to suit people’s clothing and moods. The company gives 10% of its profits to help children & young people in need around the world. Visit the site Visit site


Elliot Brown create watches with extreme durability, attention to detail and English character. They’re built for adventure and that have naturally garnered collaborations with organisations who require best of breed equipment including the RNLI, Mountain Rescue, Land Rover and specialist branches of the British Military. Visit the site Visit site


Simon Correia and Richard Johnson, long-term watch collectors and enthusiasts were inspired by the courage of the early Portuguese & British explorers to produce a range of watches which will ultimately encompass Sports, Maritime, Auto-tech, Travel, Lifestyle and Interstellar.
Visit the site Visit site


Founded by entrepreneur and golf connoisseur, Gary Butler, ETIQUS patented golf timepieces feature the iconic golf bezel, subtle dimpled dial and a range of colour combinations to embody the unique spirit of the game of golf. Visit the site Visit site


Farer means to travel… to explore and the spirit of adventure is at the heart of their ethos. Farer’s watches are inspired by the halcyon era of watchmaking, when bold colours and contrasting textures combined with the very best craftsmanship. Visit the site Visit site


One of Britain’s oldest family-run watch companies, the Fears story began 178 years ago in 1846 in the heart of Bristol. A modern British watch company with a rich heritage, Fears today hand-builds all its watches in England and specialises in elegance and understatement. Visit the site Visit site


FWM is a London watchmaker, assembling their watches in their Islington workshop. Uniquely, they are also offering their watches as watchmaking kits to be assembled at home. Visit the site Visit site


Freese Watches – Manufacturers of hand finished custom watches with Patina, making watches, watch dials and watch parts in the UK since 2016. Visit the site Visit site

Great British Watch Company

Great British Watch Company creates bespoke, hand-crafted watches in Great Britain. These unique, historically inspired timepieces combine the best of cutting-edge British technology and traditional hand-finished techniques. Visit the site Visit site


Geckota produces high-quality and eye-catching watches, designed in Britain, at an affordable price. Traditionally, watches have been either well-made or inexpensive, but rarely both. Geckota fills that gap. They also sell watch straps and create digital content, followed by a community of passionate enthusiasts. Visit the site Visit site


GMT London is an energetic and vibrant watch brand, offering simple watches that tell the time, and little else. With a focus on watches for children and teenagers we have created a range of watches with big personalities and a splash of colour. Visit the site Visit site


Grayson has been making, installing and servicing clocks for clients around the world since the 1970’s. We work alongside designers and architects to create attractive and functional time pieces which are manufactured in-house. Visit the site Visit site


A modern company with a 300-year-old family heritage in watch and clock making. Based in Lincoln, all their watches are designed, and built, in England and include fine Swiss movements. Visit the site Visit site


Hawchester London hand crafts watches with a distinctively British flavour, taking inspiration from all that is British. Durability, functionality, value and inspiration feature in every timepiece. The Hawchester London range represents the past, present and future of the pursuit of perfection in our everyday lives. Non Ducor, Duco. Visit the site Visit site

Helicon Watches

Helicon Watches create a small number of limited edition watches using over 20 years of combined knowledge with the very best watchmakers, engineers and artisans, eminently priced, accessible to all. Visit the site Visit site


Horological Underground by German Polosin is a specialist boutique watch shop and workshops in Bristol, UK, offering a range of bespoke, vintage, and unusual timepieces, including custom-made pieces and affordable items. They also have a fully equipped workshop for repairs and restorations. Visit the site Visit site


One of a small number of traditional clock manufacturers. Using my comprehensive workshop, they can make just about anything you can imagine. They make clocks ranging from modest ‘traditional’ designs, through to extreme and complex bespoke projects. Visit the site Visit site


Inspired by British design and watchmaking heritage, brothers Ed and Will Allen founded the independent watch brand IOTA. Combining British creativity and Swiss engineering expertise, IOTA produces contemporary wristwatches that appeal to international travellers and design conscious individuals. Visit the site Visit site


Created in 2016 by José and Joana Miranda and based in England, Isotope Watches is an enthusiastic, driven and independent brand offering 1:1 service. Isotope combines original designs with traditional solutions and a boutique approach. Visit the site Visit site


IWI Watches are English luxury watches of the highest quality, individually handmade from perfectly engineered parts, in house, in England. The watches are designed and crafted with inspiration from a history of over three hundred years of English watchmaking. IWI has a heritage of being at the heart of motorsport – where every second is important. Visit the site Visit site


Jonny Moore is a brand of classically styled watches with a reminder to the owner of ‘forgotten values’. A condition of ownership is to always be polite, generous, smile, kind and sporting. JM is a fast growing, ambitious brand and backed by some lovely high profile Brand mbassadors. Visit the site Visit site


JP Custom Watches are military inspired timepieces which are designed and assembled in Warwickshire, England. Each watch is built to order with a variety of customisation options, making each piece unique. Visit the site Visit site


Since Limits foundation in 1912 its core beliefs have been to push the Limits of Accuracy, Limits of Quality and Limits of Value to deliver an industry beating value proposition for customers. Limit is now one of the UK’s bestselling brands. Visit the site Visit site


Unique, UK designed timepieces inspired by a love of Italian cars, and classic timepieces. Visit the site Visit site


Born in the Highlands, MacKinnon Watches promotes Scottish culture and heritage through their bespoke tartan timepieces. Founded in 2020, the company brings distinctive watches and their associated clan’s history to a global community. Each tartan watch has a custom-made, hand-stitched strap, using fabric woven in local Scottish mills. Visit the site Visit site


Founded by Daniel Brigham, a car racer and motoring enthusiast who had the desire to design and produce his own motor racing watches. Marchand Watches is known for being one of the most affordable racing watch brands in the UK and EU, offering a great variety of retro and modern inspired racing timepieces. Visit the site Visit site


Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wristwatches, established in 2015 by Oliver Goffe and Gordon Fraser. A chance meeting and a shared passion for manual mechanical movements ignited the fuse and Marloe Watch Company was born. Visit the site Visit site


Established in 2014, MHD Watches are an independent British watch brand who produce limited edition motoring watches with an engineered design aesthetic, inspired by automotive design techniques and classic car design cues. Visit the site Visit site

Monro Adventure

Watch industry professionals, Matt O’Neill & Ryan Ould, present MONRO ADVENTURE; British designed, automatic timepieces for the intrepid. Specialising in highly detailed, premium quality, affordable watches. Where will time take you? Visit the site Visit site


Mr Jones Watches makes unusual watches which tell a story, start a conversation or simply make you smile. They’re a small, passionate team working from a London studio to bring you watches that are a bit different. Visit the site Visit site


Nite is an independent British watch brand born from a spirit of independence with the simple mission to create exceptional watches to be worn with pride. Visit the site Visit site


Born in Belfast, Nomadic make adventure proof watches with Swiss mechanical movements. This boutique brand captures the spirit of adventure, whilst referencing their industrial roots in Belfast ship building. Visit the site Visit site

Olivier Meylan

British brand Olivier Meylan combines Swiss heritage with a rich watchmaking legacy. With family links to renowned names like Audemars, LeCoultre, and Piguet, they offer accessible yet elegant dress and sports luxe Limited edition watches. Visit the site Visit site


Omologato was established in 2015 to create fine motorsport-inspired timepieces which celebrate iconic locations, cars and figures. They offer over 40 designs, with several limited editions, each hand-assembled using a world-leading Chronograph movement, housed in British designed cases, with bespoke dials and straps. Visit the site Visit site


Since 2013, South Oxfordshire based watchmaker, Pinion designs and builds watches using both modern and rare ‘new-old-stock’ vintage mechanical movements. Central to Pinion is a cohesive design language and method, ensuring a visual continuity runs through the entire Pinion watch range. Visit the site Visit site


Two Bristol-born brothers discussing the artistry of a well-crafted watch over a fresh cup of tea - The inception of Pompeak is perhaps the most British of any company. Visit the site Visit site


Defined by their unique quality, rarity and advanced mechanical technology, watches by Roger Smith are among the most sought after and valuable in the world. Roger W Smith watches feature his ‘single wheel’ evolution of the Daniels co-axial escapement, which is the most advanced and energy efficient in the world. Visit the site Visit site


London is home to pop culture, the arts, innovation and tradition - a unique heritage reflected in Royal London’s collection of classic and contemporary watches. In 2018, they launched a fresh approach through their Made in London collection: watches created using high-quality components from all over the world and assembled in London. Visit the site Visit site


With the singular vision to create timeless watches for the modern world, Rotary is an award-winning watch brand. Proud of its heritage, Rotary is forever inspired by a commitment to watchmaking excellence since its inception in Switzerland in 1895. Visit the site Visit site


Schofield is an independent British watch company with a boutique shop on the River Adur, a stones throw from the sea in the bucolic Sussex countryside. Detail lies at the heart of Schofield. Realising design, utility, art and engineering by considered thinking. Visit the site Visit site


Founded in 2020, Sean Clements combined his passion for watches, scuba diving and the aquatic environment with the hope of creating a legacy of conservation awareness and positive change by designing luxury watches and committing to using upcycled materials to reduce waste and protect the oceans we love. Visit the site Visit site


Launched in 1966, Sekonda quickly established itself as the best-selling watch brand in the UK, a position now held for 30 years. Sekonda offers innovative designs, surprising and delighting customers. Using high quality movements, we create durable and stylish timepieces which
represent incredible value.
Visit the site Visit site


Sherwood Watches is a microbrand owned by Glynn Reynolds, a Nottinghamshire local interested in watches. As a graphic designer, Glynn personally designs the watches, which is a testament to his passion for design and commitment to creating beautiful and practical timepieces. Visit the site Visit site


Shoreham was founded in 2020 by two friends with a shared passion for watches. Their first watch, the Monmouth, is an automatic dive watch featuring three straps. Shoreham prides themselves on offering outstanding value to their collectors. Visit the site Visit site


Established in 2019, Sidereus watches are designed and hand-built in Ireland using modified Swiss-Made automatic movements. The inaugural collection, Brú na Bóinne, is inspired by the origins of horology and the marking of time in Ireland for over 5,000 years. Visit the site Visit site


Sidewinder creates vintage-style pilot watches based on the cockpit clocks from legendary aircraft such as the Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane. Based in rural North Yorkshire, this boutique brand brings British design and quality craftsmanship to watch and aviation enthusiasts alike. Visit the site Visit site


Established in 1967, Sinclair Harding honours the historical tradition of fine English Clockmaking. With its range of beautiful hand crafted clocks, this unique company embraces the horological industry’s ideals for precision, quality and perfection. Visit the site Visit site


Smith of Derby is one of the world’s best-known public clockmakers. A family- owned company since 1856, they custom design and manufacture bespoke new clocks in their Derby based clockworks and are also proud of their heritage of expertise in restoring notable public clocks. Visit the site Visit site


Stirling Timepieces is owned and operated by a serving British Army soldier. With over a decade of service in the infantry, the idea was born from frustration with modern digital watches. The lack of reliability, cumbersome size and inability to guarantee charge led to a search for something better. The vision of creating an affordable analogue timepiece tailored to the modern day warrior was born. Visit the site Visit site


British brand STORM leads the way with statement designs and trend-led product. With a multitude of cutting-edge contemporary models, STORM continues to push boundaries with highly original designs, almost architectural in form. Visit the site Visit site


Why can’t horol0gy be a little bit m0re playful from time to time? Studio Underd0g, likes to do things differently… Visit the site Visit site


Hand-built limited edition watches created in Surrey. Designer and maker Tim Roberts incorporates his own innovative techniques with more traditional methods to produce unique wristwatches. From initial concept to final assembly, every step of the process is hand-finished by a single watchmaker. Visit the site Visit site


Calling upon the highest quality materials, we deliver cutting-edge designs, which are perfect for the fashion-conscious individual who appreciates simplistic, contemporary styling. Visit the site Visit site


At Tesouro Timepiece we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and timepieces. We have over 20 years of experience in providing exceptional product design. Tesouro is located just off the South Downs In Sussex. Visit the site Visit site


Thomas James creates large statement timepieces that stand out yet compliment the most opulent interiors. We are an independent English clock company, focusing on clean and classic contemporary designs, producing exceptional clocks achieved by using expert craftsmanship and engineering. Visit the site Visit site


Time Traveller Clocks is a horology business led by founder Matthew King. Inspired by the wooden clocks of John Harrison, Matthew and associates not only recreate historic examples, but design and build bespoke new creations to order. Visit the site Visit site


Tobias Birch deals in the finest antique clocks, chronometers and regulators. With their own workshops, Tobias Birch undertake bespoke commissions and also offer a second to none clock restoration service for private collectors and museums around the world. Visit the site Visit site


Toff London was created in 2020 to disrupt the watch market within the watch and gift industries. They are an established family-owned business which designs the dials by hand and makes each watch to order in their London studio. Visit the site Visit site


Turismo Watch Co is an independent British watch company. Their vision is to pay homage to the wonderful battle that is man and machine. To share the style and elegance; the beauty and the passion. Visit the site Visit site


Established by Claude Lyons in 1916 in Hatton Garden, London. They became well known for the quality of their timepieces and, in the 1940s became one of 12 official suppliers to the War Office. Now under the watchful eye of Claude’s Great Grandson, Don Cochrane, they produce a range of pieces based around their military history. Visit the site Visit site


Votch is the vegan watch company that gives back. They have a continual desire to use the most innovative and sustainable materials possible, such as Piñatex and AppleSkin. Visit the site Visit site


Wagstaff produces mens’ country watches, sometimes called ‘field watches’. They’re sensible, sturdy and no-nonsense timepieces for everyday rural folk. Visit the site Visit site


Founded in 2015 by Jamie Boyd, every single Wessex Watch is handmade to order in their Wiltshire workshop. Defined by unique handcrafted, engraved dials and fine Swiss movements, wearing a Wessex is a statement of individuality. Visit the site Visit site


Jonny Garret combined his love of watches and admiration for his late grandfather William Wood who was a decorated firefighter, to design luxury watches that are inspired by British firefighting and made from upcycled firefighting material that can stand the test of time. Visit the site Visit site


Winton is an English company making watches that are designed for pioneers and urban adventurers, who choose to make their mark on the world, yet don’t shout about it. Inspired by Britain’s unsung heroes, all their watches are hand assembled in Switzerland. Visit the site Visit site


An independent micro-brand that designs and builds limited edition watches from their workshop in Shropshire. Collaborating with toolmakers, leather artisans and sustainable printers to assemble products with character, meaning and originality. Each timepiece is built-to-order to an incredibly high specification. Visit the site Visit site


When a black-ops design engineer collaborates with a top graphic artist to design a unique range of British watches. Collins and Brabyn setup their boutique waterside south-coast studio and began designing and developing their range of aerospace standard statement watches; each having a unique British identity and story. Visit the site Visit site