Accurist won the affection of millions with their humorous adverts, such as ‘Accu-wrist, Accu-ankle’ and remarkable quality throughout the 1970’s. With the introduction of the new digital quartz movement and business success, Accurist moved manufacturing to Japan. They were excelling at delivering their core values of premium quality and British design and the 70’s was no exception.
By the mid-80’s, Accurist had reached new pinnacles of success. Beyond a major British brand, Accurist had become a household name as the first official sponsor, and voice, of BT’s ‘Speaking Clock’.
Accurist was then commissioned to create the new Atomic Clock, which remains accurate with the use of satellite, for the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

In creating the clock by which all others would be set, Accurist officially became the timekeepers of the world in 1993.
The late 90’s saw the release of a new Junior range and Accurist achieved huge success putting timepieces on the wrists of Britain’s young people. They really had become a brand for the people and, in 1999, Accurist counted down to the year 2000 with their Millennium countdown clock at Greenwich. Accurist’s core value of combining heritage with modernisation was embodied as they proudly counted down to the new millennium in the heart of Britain.

2014, Accurist was acquired by Marcus Marguiles, who continued to achieve all the original aims from 1946 whilst expanding the range.

New collections were added offering a vast range of men's and ladies’ watches, combining sleek classics with solar powered timepieces, whilst upholding Accurist’s reputation for premium quality and design.
2022 saw the culmination of 18 months’ exploration into their own history and archives with a major brand refresh. With new features, collections and services Accurist have succeeded in blending inspiration from their heritage and archives with the modernity of premium materials, new technology and stylish craft to create truly special timepieces which stay true to their accessibility.

As part of its revitalised range, Accurist have developed seven new collections.

Origin, Dive, Classic and Aviation have all been refreshed and modernised with patterned textured dials, water resistance and chronographs. Rectangle, Everyday and Jewellery exhibit the design legacy from the 60’s and 70’s archives, including the semi-precious stone dials within the Jewellery range and the vintage style of the Rectangle range.
Premium materials continue to be utilised at affordable prices.

With an upper price of £219, it is clear why Accurist have the reputation of crafting luxurious, yet affordable, timepieces. Energised by the next generation Accurist brand, which includes a restoration of their vintage logo, refreshed brand colours, premium quality and steadfast reliability, Accurist is ready for the future.

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